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Austin Eat Cetera’s Arbitrary Bacon Week is Here!

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One week. Only bacon. Get excited! Photo by Sam Breach via Creative Commons.

By Jasmin Sun

After much deliberation (although in the end we just wanted to eat a lot of bacon-filled foods), your friendly neighborhood food writers here at Austin Eat Cetera have decided that it’s about time we dedicated a week to the crispy, savory, porky stuff.  We’re going to fill your RSS feed with bacon dish-related posts.  If you visit our homepage, your eyes will be accosted with images of various Austin eatables filled with bacon.  Unfortunately, we can’t actually come to your house and offer you pieces of bacon, but we’ll certainly have you salivating on the other side of the computer screen.

Let the bacon week commence!


East Austin Unveiled: Franklin Barbecue

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Plate of pulled pork, fatty brisket, beans and potato salad at Franklin Barbecue. Photo by Jessie Wang. Editing by Jasmin Sun.

By Jasmin Sun

Call me a purist, but there are some things you must leave to the experts.  Such is the case with barbecue.  The less urbanized your restaurant, the more credibility you’ll have in my eyes.  And my eyes, readers, are born-and-bred Texan eyes.  A Lockhart restaurant’s version will outshine one in Houston, for instance.  I simply can’t have a city boy handling my barbecue.  It’s nothing personal, just good Texan foodie logic.  You can imagine my skepticism, then, when my friend Jessie suggested we try “this barbecue cart off I-35.”  In fact, I think I nearly fell over.

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Gypsy Picnic: A Brisket Slider to Die For

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The Famous Multitasker from 86 This

The first annual Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival was a success, to say the least.  Great weather, live music, tons of dogs and a big turnout were a big help but, as expected, the food stole the show.  I was so overwhelmed by the massive lines that I jumped in the first one that had a foreseeable end, The Flying Carpet.  The food was well-seasoned and the meat wasn’t too dry, but I definitely was underwhelmed.  I knew that I wanted some good Texas bbq so after that mediocre snack, I decided to tough out the long line for 86 This.  And I’m glad I did because, after a 30 minute wait, I ate devoured one of the most amazing bbq sandwiches I have ever been served, The Famous Multitasker.

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A must-visit Austin burger joint

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Dan's Hambirgers on Lamar. Photo by Joshua Avelar


There is something about a local chain that really gives a community a strong sense of culinary identity. No matter what neighborhood you are from, everyone loves and knows local chains as staples of their respective hometowns, one of the cultural accoutrements to connect Austinites – or residents of any city – across racial, socio-economic or local geographic lines.

Enter Dan’s Hamburgers, a place with a simple menu yet with items that have not-so-simple taste. Dan’s has an old-fashioned burger joint vibe, with music from the likes of Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis playing throughout the restaurant. The burgers come in small, medium and large, along with options for double-meat, double-cheese, bacon and jalapenos. It is also hard to pass-up on their delicious curly fries.

Medium jalapeno cheeseburger with curly fries. Photo by Joshua Avelar

Dan’s reminds you immediately that you’re still in Texas as it offers a nice chicken fried steak dinner that I’d highly recommend if you’re ever in the need. They also offer a pretty decent chicken strip basket, complete with the obligatory side of cream gravy. Being a Texas native and the son of two other Texas natives, the cream gravy is definitely a must with chicken strips. I once went to Chicago and was served barbecue sauce with my chicken strips. I was appalled. Thankfully, Dan’s keeps it real.

Chicken strip basket. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

There are various locations around Austin, but the Dan’s on North Lamar Street being Koening is definitely my favorite. They are open until 10 p.m. on weeknights and 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Dan’s is definitely a must-visit for any burger-lover in Austin.

On the Road in (or around) Austin: Part II

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Each time I visit my parents and sister in Houston, the best part of the journey home, by far, is my stop at Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company to pick up gifts for my family.  It’s a quintessential Texas family-owned establishment with pecan treats, homemade fudge, brittle and fresh produce lining the shelves.  Every time I’m on the 71 and I think I’m trying to be healthy, all it takes is one look at the huge sign that flashes “CHOCOLATE COVERED PECANS” and there goes my diet.

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Rediscovering the meaning of “fried” food

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Fried Frito Pie at the State Fair of Texas

Fried Frito Pie

If you haven’t taken the chance to steal away to Dallas to watch the Red River Rivalry game between the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners, and you don’t live in the city, you probably haven’t had the luxury of sampling foods from the veritable fried delicacy utopia that is the Texas State Fair. Okay, so this post may not be about a food or place found in Austin, but certainly the fact that the fair is meant to be state-wide makes it slightly more relevant to the state’s capital. Right? Either way, this is the last week–the fair stops until next year on Oct. 17–to enjoy your weight in wacky golden-brown goodness. Fried beer, anyone?

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