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Just The Joint I Needed.

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The Sandwich Joint's order-up window. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

By Joshua Avelar

We here at Austin Eat Cetera have always had a profound inclination toward the art of the sandwich. There just seems to be no better – or cheaper – way to get all of your favorite foods into a compact space in a sociably acceptable manner. Austin has a great selection of sandwich places, but when an establishment has a name so blunt as The Sandwich Joint on Burnet Road and 51st Street, I just had to check it out.

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Living the sweet life in Hyde Park with great gelato.

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Dolce Vita. Photo by Joshua Avelar

By Joshua Avelar

I cannot stress enough how much I love living near Hyde Park. The eating opportunities and great vibe in this small neighborhood makes gives every night the potential for a great, unforgettable experience. Enter Dolce Vita Gelato and Espresso on Duval Street between 42nd and 43rd streets, a small café with a classy vibe yet nice selection of board games to keep you entertained at your table.

Gelato selection at Dolce Vita. Photo by Joshua Avelar

The gelato flavors offered at Dolce Vita are spectacularly diverse, still keeping within the Austin “weird and usual” motif. My eyes caught the cinnamon roll flavor. It’s not too often that a frozen treat could remind my tastes buds so much of a warm pastry, but the cinnamon roll gelato definitely did the trick. It was like I could still taste the warm dough and icing from the cinnamon roll that inspired this gelato.

Cinnamon roll gelato at Dolce Vita. Photo by Joshua Avelar

Being that a close friend of mine accompanied me to Dolce Vita, I was able to try another gelato flavor: blackberry and lemon. It’s not very often that I find blackberry-flavored treats, so I could not let this opportunity pass me up. It had the right levels of sweetness and tartness I would expect from a blackberry and lemon-flavored treat. I could definitely tell that Dolce Vita did not mess with the natural flavors of this gelato concoction. I thoroughly enjoyed this flavor, and it just may be the best gelato I’ve had in Austin so far.

Blackberry and lemon-flavored gelato at Dolce Vita. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

I’m not too big into the caffeine culture so I did stay away from the “espresso” part of Dolce Vita. I did however manage to try out one of their delicious sandwiches. Dolce Vita’s mozzarella sandwich comes with thick slices of the rich cheese, basil and fresh pesto. I topped it off with some delicious prosciutto and it made for one of the best sandwiches I’ve had here in Austin. I’m excited to come back to Dolce Vita many more times to give their menu the navigation it truly deserves.

Mozarella sandwich with prosciutto and a side of apples. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

Bacon-wrapping in the Warehouse District.

In Bacon Week, Dinner, Dish Review, Joshua Avelar on November 21, 2010 at 3:03 pm

The Carolina Pork It at Frank. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

By Joshua Avelar

On the day after my flirtation with death by bacon grease, I was contemplating whether I should rise-up to the challenge of conquering another obnoxious bacon concoction or just throw in towel and keep drinking gallons upon gallons of water. But in the name of assertive food journalism, I manned up and decided to challenge another pork-fat foe in the Carolina Pork It from Frank on 4th and Colorado streets.

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Freddie’s deliciously dangerous Heart Attack.

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The Heat Attack at Freddie's. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


By Joshua Avelar

The photo above this post is not a piece of Photoshop creativity in honor of Eat Cetera’s bacon week. It’s an actual picture of two slices of Texas toast, 10 strips of crispy bacon, a slab of delicious queso and a few juicy tomatoes. After all, I do need some produce.

It’s called the Heart Attack and you can find it at Freddie’s Place on South First Street. The sandwich was by far one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten in my 22 years on this planet. The $2.50 16 oz Lone Star was just the right touch. The bacon seemed extra cured, with a nice salty taste with a strong, crispy texture I appreciate so much in my bacon. The queso on top of it all was some of Austin’s best; it had just the right fluidity for a good serving. In fact, a friend of mine who came with me to Freddie’s ate the chips and queso as an entrée and was thoroughly satisfied.

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Where to get your Star-y late night munchie fix

In Dinner, Joshua Avelar, Restaurant Review on November 14, 2010 at 5:29 am

Service Counter at Star Seeds Cafe. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

By Joshua Avelar

Eating at ungodly hours is a way of life in college. The array of 24-hour cafes and restaurants in Austin make a great way to get by attending one of the top universities in nation. One of these is Star Seeds Café, a small diner on Interstate 35 and 31st Street. Its neon sign and placement on the I-35 access road make it hard to miss.

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Home sweet Hoover’s

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The black board and bar at Hoover's Cooking. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


By Joshua Avelar

People are eating out more, and it is not just an American trend. The lack of time, energy and overall will to cook at home is getting the best of most of us. But sometimes, we have an innate desire to want something familiar to the home kitchen environment. Homestyle Cooking fills this void, and I cannot imagine any place in Austin doing it better than Hoover’s Cooking on Manor just a few blocks east of Interstate 35.

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Sweet night at the Gypsy Picnic.

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The Gypsy Picnic at Auditorium Shores. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


By Joshua Avelar

The first annual Gypsy Picnic at Austin’s Auditorium shores went smoothly. The event showcasing Austin’s most famous and original food trailers came during a brisk Saturday afternoon and lasted throughout the chilly November night. Fittingly, the last two hours of the festival made ample desert time, as most of the trailers had already ran out of food. There’s nothing like warm, delicious sweets to end a cool evening.

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New World’s orders

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Pastrami Reuben at New World Deli with a side of fries. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


By Joshua Avelar

Thursday, November 3 was National Sandwich Day, a holiday that definitely deserves a proper celebration at one of Austin’s most storied eateries, the New World Deli. I had heard so much about New World but I had yet to pay the place a much-deserved visit. I figured a day dedicated to the wonderful creation of the sandwich was the perfect opportunity to give New world a try.

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Bold tastes, small place

In Dinner, Joshua Avelar, Lunch, Restaurant Review on October 31, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Paul's Reuben at Fricano's Deli. Photo by Joshua Avelar

By Joshua Avelar.

Before the Texas Longhorns football team’s season-indicative loss to the Baylor Bears on Saturday, I stopped by a quaint, friendly deli in my neighborhood. Fricano’s Deli sits on 31st and Speedway streets along the line where the two streets basically merge into one road. You may miss it if you’re not paying attention as it is a very small place next to a convenience store.

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A must-visit Austin burger joint

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Dan's Hambirgers on Lamar. Photo by Joshua Avelar


There is something about a local chain that really gives a community a strong sense of culinary identity. No matter what neighborhood you are from, everyone loves and knows local chains as staples of their respective hometowns, one of the cultural accoutrements to connect Austinites – or residents of any city – across racial, socio-economic or local geographic lines.

Enter Dan’s Hamburgers, a place with a simple menu yet with items that have not-so-simple taste. Dan’s has an old-fashioned burger joint vibe, with music from the likes of Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis playing throughout the restaurant. The burgers come in small, medium and large, along with options for double-meat, double-cheese, bacon and jalapenos. It is also hard to pass-up on their delicious curly fries.

Medium jalapeno cheeseburger with curly fries. Photo by Joshua Avelar

Dan’s reminds you immediately that you’re still in Texas as it offers a nice chicken fried steak dinner that I’d highly recommend if you’re ever in the need. They also offer a pretty decent chicken strip basket, complete with the obligatory side of cream gravy. Being a Texas native and the son of two other Texas natives, the cream gravy is definitely a must with chicken strips. I once went to Chicago and was served barbecue sauce with my chicken strips. I was appalled. Thankfully, Dan’s keeps it real.

Chicken strip basket. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

There are various locations around Austin, but the Dan’s on North Lamar Street being Koening is definitely my favorite. They are open until 10 p.m. on weeknights and 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Dan’s is definitely a must-visit for any burger-lover in Austin.