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Pleasant Surprises and Shocking Upsets at Gypsy Picnic

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Chimichurri Seitan Wrap at Conscious Cravings. Photo by Jessie Wang, Editing by Jasmin Sun

As you might have garnered from my comrades’ previous posts, the Gypsy Picnic food trailer festival took place this past Saturday (Nov. 6) from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.  It goes without saying that there were plenty of delicious eats to be had at the event–which was, for the record, like Austin City Limits for food–so I’ll be concentrating on what I found to be the most unexpectedly tasty dish as well as a cart that wasn’t all it was hyped up to be.

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Sweet night at the Gypsy Picnic.

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The Gypsy Picnic at Auditorium Shores. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


By Joshua Avelar

The first annual Gypsy Picnic at Austin’s Auditorium shores went smoothly. The event showcasing Austin’s most famous and original food trailers came during a brisk Saturday afternoon and lasted throughout the chilly November night. Fittingly, the last two hours of the festival made ample desert time, as most of the trailers had already ran out of food. There’s nothing like warm, delicious sweets to end a cool evening.

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Festival Fun – Parlor Pizza

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We are just about ready to hit up some big shows. I hear “Take On Me” playing in the background, and I’m feeling pumped. I have a margarita in my system, and ready to get some food.

Next up, Parlor Pizza. Nothing fancy, just a regular line leading up to a tent. Right as I’m in the front of the line, they run out. They put up a sign to wait 5 minutes. I’m with friends, and the staff is really friendly.

$5 later, I get my slice of pepperoni. Honestly, it’s what you’d expect from a tent pizza. It’s good, not the best slice I’ve ever had, but good. It does the job, tiding me over between bands.


Festival Fun – Hey Cupcake

In Dessert, Festival, Mason Scheer on November 6, 2010 at 10:10 pm

The work is over, and the fun can now begin. I am standing here live at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010, an amazing music and fun festival. I’m with my company Anarchy Championship Wrestling, but ready to kick back and relax.

Before seeing MGMT or riding the mechanical bull, we decided to treat ourselves to some cupcakes. Hey Cupcake is one of the decadent trailers here, and the sweets are incredible. Buttercream chocolate, strawberry, layers of icing, a good sweet to kick us off.

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