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On the Road in (or around) Austin: Part II

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Each time I visit my parents and sister in Houston, the best part of the journey home, by far, is my stop at Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company to pick up gifts for my family.  It’s a quintessential Texas family-owned establishment with pecan treats, homemade fudge, brittle and fresh produce lining the shelves.  Every time I’m on the 71 and I think I’m trying to be healthy, all it takes is one look at the huge sign that flashes “CHOCOLATE COVERED PECANS” and there goes my diet.

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Ice Cream – Too Much of a Good Thing?

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My last post talked about Amy’s Ice Cream: An Austin staple. The pureness and deliciousness of the ice cream brings up a very important question though.

Does ice cream use the crutch of extra mixings?

Think about it: Two additional questions are always asked when ice cream is ordered – What size? And what extra mix ins would you like? Anything you can think of gets mashed into ice cream. Toppings, creams, candy, marshmallows, anything. The ice cream itself is considered plain. Add in a candy bar, or sprinkles, and a dessert is born.

No other food does this. A piece of chicken can be stuffed, but it can stand alone as well. Ice cream, though, is losing its ability to stand alone. This might not be a pressing issue, but does ice cream rely too much on this crutch?

Flavors can get crazy. Should the extra factor of random candies be necessary?

Cakes can stand alone. The flavors change, but the extra crazy toppings and frosting doesn’t break the cake. Pie works the exact same way. So why is ice cream so different?

Maybe I’m alone on this. Maybe this isn’t too big a problem. In the long run, it really isn’t. But I feel it should be talked about. Agree?


Amy’s – An Austin Amazement

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There are a handful of places that are synonymous with Austin. A handful of taco stands, pizza places, and 24 hour diners. But when it comes to ice cream, there is only one place that springs to mind instantaneously – Amy’s.

My favorite flavor of ice cream has always been Mexican vanilla. In my experience, one out of every three ice cream parlors have it. Not only does Amy’s have it, it’s one of the best I have ever had. The option is given to mix a candy into the ice cream, but it’s not needed to experience the full flavor.

Shakes and ice cream, Amy’s provides the fullest of flavors. It’s an Austin tradition, for a reason.

Rediscovering the meaning of “fried” food

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Fried Frito Pie at the State Fair of Texas

Fried Frito Pie

If you haven’t taken the chance to steal away to Dallas to watch the Red River Rivalry game between the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners, and you don’t live in the city, you probably haven’t had the luxury of sampling foods from the veritable fried delicacy utopia that is the Texas State Fair. Okay, so this post may not be about a food or place found in Austin, but certainly the fact that the fair is meant to be state-wide makes it slightly more relevant to the state’s capital. Right? Either way, this is the last week–the fair stops until next year on Oct. 17–to enjoy your weight in wacky golden-brown goodness. Fried beer, anyone?

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Austin City Limits redefines festival food

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Austin City Limits



Forget fried twinkies and chili cheese fries.  In true Austin fashion, the ACL food lineup was just as eclectic as the artists playing the festival.  Sweet Leaf tea was plentiful (but not cheap) and music fans choices ranged from Hyde Park Bar & Grill’s famous French fries to a shrimp sandwich from Aquarelle Restaurant & Wine Bar to snacking on some Tiff’s Treats.  It is so refreshing to see how local the food choices were, as opposed to the typical greasy food that we are stuck with at most outdoor festivals.

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They’re like really-thin pancakes!

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Crepes Mille's diverse menu. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

By Joshua Avelar

I’m not one of those “breakfast food, anytime” types. I feel scrambled eggs, waffles, pancakes and the like, ought to be saved for the early hours of the morning – regardless if those early-morning hours came before or after sleeping time.

So when I first heard about trailers in Austin selling crepes, I became a bit hesitant to try them. Don’t get me wrong, I love crepes enough to say it aloud no matter how unpatriotic that may make me seem.

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