Eat cetera is a food lover’s guide to eating well (and cheap) in Austin, Texas.  The four diverse palates that make up Eat cetera are four University of Texas at Austin students who just want to share a little taste of what they love to eat in this unique city, whether it’s brisket at a barbeque joint, a big plate of migas or spring rolls from a food cart.  Hope you’re hungry…

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Rebecca Adams

Rebecca hates dessert for breakfast but loves to snack on sweets throughout the day.  After being raised by pushy New York parents in southern California, she relocated to Texas where she discovered the joys of barbeque and southern hospitality.  She now resides in Austin and studies multimedia journalism at the University of Texas.  If she had to choose her final meal, it would be without a doubt Madam Mam’s Y3 with chicken and flat noodles.

Jasmin Sun

Jasmin might have grown up in a Chinese household, but her absolute favorite food is the all-American hamburger—she would definitely choose Mulberry’s version with egg and pancetta as her last meal.  Born and raised in Texas, she counts barbeque and Tex-Mex as major food groups and wouldn’t have it any other way.  After living in Austin for the past three years as a multimedia journalism student at the University of Texas, she makes it a point to eat local whenever she’s not trying to whip something up in her own kitchen.

Joshua Avelar

Most kids hate trying new food. When Josh was a kid, he had no choice—he was obliged to try anything and everything his parents put in front of him. However, this led to an open mind when it came to unfamiliar dishes. Born and raised in San Antonio, Josh’s specialty is Tex-Mex, but his taste buds are easily adaptable to any type of cuisine. He will graduate from The University of Texas in December with degrees in multimedia journalism and government, as well as plenty of great memories discovering the wide variety of food Austin has to offer.

Mason Scheer

Mason is the kind of person who will eat anything on a dare, and then maybe a second bite when you’re not looking. He was raised with a set of parents who valued home-cooked meals and family dinners at least three times a week. He now lives in Austin and is a multimedia journalism major at the University of Texas. His choice for a last meal would simply be a nice bottle of red wine. From the year 2165 – Don’t worry, he’ll wait for it

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