Where the locals go for eggs in East Austin

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The Florence at The Local Yolk. Photo by Rebecca Adams

By Rebecca Adams

If you’re not yet tired of Austin restaurants touting their “organic” or “local” cuisine, then you might just enjoy The Local Yolk, an East Austin food cart that serves fried egg sandwiches.  I have developed an affinity for food carts, partly because I’m a sucker for kitsch outdoor decor and partly because I think there is just a little more love in the food.  Owner Shelley Speer started up The Local Yolk after she “fell in love” with the egg (her words, not mine) to promote wellness by serving up fresh healthy sandwiches.

The Local Yolk in East Austin. Photo by Rebecca Adams

After getting distracted in a trailer park just down the block with my friends, we made our way to my pre-chosen trailer to place our orders.  Like any good food cart, the menu is small but focused so it didn’t take long for me to pick what I wanted.  I chose The Florence, a fried egg sandwich with pesto, mozzerella and tomato.  It was good but it definitely did not blow me away. I was surprised that the only bread option was white bread and even more surprised that it was thin, greasy and flavorless.  Fluffy, whole-grain bread would have made a huge difference.  The eggs were a bit over cooked for my taste, but that may just be a personal preference for slightly runny yolk.  All of the ingredients did taste fresh, but it was one of those meals where I couldn’t help but feel that I would have made the dish better myself (and believe me, I am no Iron Chef).

The Phyllis at The Local Yolk. Photo by Rebecca Adams

One of my friends ordered The Phyllis, a fried egg sandwich with avocado and cream cheese.  I tasted it but had the same under-whelmed feeling.  My other, more adventurous friend ordered The Queen, a sandwich monstrosity stuffed with fried egg, pesto, mozzerella, tomato, hummus, black olives, feta cheese, cream cheese and avocado.  It tasted straight out of an episode of Man v. Food.  Even though it was oddly good, I would never order it for myself because it severely confused my taste buds.

The Queen at The Local Yolk. Photo by Rebecca Adams

Also, the sandwiches were served with a pickle and plain potato chips, not exactly “fresh” sides.  I would have preferred some sort of homemade cucumber salad, coleslaw or even fresh fruit.  The drink selection was better though because we were able to sip on Topo Chico and Izze as we ate our food at the wooden picnic tables.

Overall, The Local Yolk had the quirky flair of an food cart but lacked the love that I have come to expect from these unique Austin establishments.  Nothing about it was at all terrible, but I wouldn’t recommend shelling out the $7 for a sandwich and beverage when you have so many other great options in the neighborhood.

The Local Yolk
1112 E. 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78702


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