Freddie’s deliciously dangerous Heart Attack.

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The Heat Attack at Freddie's. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


By Joshua Avelar

The photo above this post is not a piece of Photoshop creativity in honor of Eat Cetera’s bacon week. It’s an actual picture of two slices of Texas toast, 10 strips of crispy bacon, a slab of delicious queso and a few juicy tomatoes. After all, I do need some produce.

It’s called the Heart Attack and you can find it at Freddie’s Place on South First Street. The sandwich was by far one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten in my 22 years on this planet. The $2.50 16 oz Lone Star was just the right touch. The bacon seemed extra cured, with a nice salty taste with a strong, crispy texture I appreciate so much in my bacon. The queso on top of it all was some of Austin’s best; it had just the right fluidity for a good serving. In fact, a friend of mine who came with me to Freddie’s ate the chips and queso as an entrée and was thoroughly satisfied.


Chips and queso at Freddie's. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


Despite how delicious the Heart Attack was, it still remains a very dangerous sandwich. I finished the whole thing because I just couldn’t get enough of all that delicious bacon and cheese. However, I began to feel extremely lethargic afterward. It was as if I could feel the bacon grease clogging my heart every second of the next day. It’s not a good feeling, and unless you have the heart of a marathon runner, I don’t see how anyone could escape it. Eat this delicious monstrosity at your own risk.

Freddie’s has a great selection of other delicious food. They even do normal things with bacon, like put it on a cheeseburger. A friend of mine ordered a bacon cheeseburger with a side of sweet potato fries. He said it was a great eat and we all look forward to our next trip to Freddie’s.


Bacon burger at Freddie's. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


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