Dark Chocolate Candy – With a Bacon Injection!

In Bacon Week, Dessert, Mason Scheer on November 21, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Dark Chocolate, with a hint of Bacon. Photo by Mason Scheer

By Mason Scheer

We know what you’re thinking. As we come closer to the end of Bacon Week, almost every kind of meal is covered for your day of bacon. Everything from breakfast to dinner, and all in-between. But you’re ready for dessert. Nothing too heavy, you have been eating bacon all day. Maybe a delicious candy bar will do the trick. But you still want that bacon. Fear not, for we have discovered the solution.

A Dark Bacon Bar.

This particular chocolate bacon bar is a Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar. Not gigantic, it’s a relatively small square. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary chocolate bar. And on first taste, it is. I am a huge fan of dark chocolate, so this works for me. Once you bite all the way down though, you start to discover a bit more.

The bacon inside this chocolate is faint. Unlike most of the other dishes this week, the bacon might actually slip you by. Instead of a rich and flavorful taste of bacon, you get a bite of chocolate, and then a crunch. Something you might confuse for an ordinary plain nougat. But you know better.

If you know what you’re looking for, the taste of bacon does not slip under the radar. The bacon is very similar to really, really crispy bacon. The kind that’s about 30 seconds away from burnt, and can disintegrate in your fingers. Not that this is a bad thing at all. It’s just not what you think of when you think chocolate bacon.

As a candy bar, I liked it. A crunchy piece of chocolate, with tidbits of bacon. Two of my favorite things in the food world. And isn’t that really what bacon week is all about?

  1. I had no idea Bacon week was even going on, it sounds crazy! I can’t imagine the taste of bacon and chocolate together. Great description of the experience in this post. You should bring some to class.

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