Bacon Cinnamon Rolls: A Sweet and Meaty Way to Start the Day

In Bacon Week, Breakfast, Mason Scheer on November 21, 2010 at 6:06 pm

A tasty treat you can make at home. Photo by Mason Scheer

By Mason Scheer

I really love to cook, but I am not a chef. People have told me that I am more of a scientist with an apron on. I mix and match things that don’t usually go together, just to see what kind of result I’m going to get. I’d say I have about a 75% success rate.

When we announced bacon week, I scrambled (that pun should have been saved for egg week) to think of something new and exciting you can make at home. Breakfast is usually the meal made at home. So how can I make bacon even more interesting? What usually does not go together? Then it hit me.

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls.

I was surprised to hear the reactions of the people I told. I was expecting disgust or fear. Instead, it was as if a light went off in their head. Even more surprising for me was to find that this is actually an ordinary meal people have made before. Recipes are different, but the process is nearly similar.

The proper way to make Bacon Cinnamon Rolls is to start with slightly cooked bacon. Not all the way crispy, enough that you can still fold and bend. Then, take each cinnamon roll before cooking, and unwrap each one. Inside each roll, place a strip of bacon, and roll back up. By doing this, you once again have your cinnamon roll, but with an extra layer of bacon inside for a meaty kick. Just cook the rolls normally, and top with icing. And you are soon left with a deliciously filling breakfast or snack.

If you notice in the picture though, that’s not exactly what I created. The cinnamon rolls I had were smaller, and thus unable to unwrap. So instead, I made bacon-wrapped cinnamon rolls. It’s the same flavor, just in a different order. And a bit greasier for touching the bacon.

  1. These look really delicious. Did you use canned cinnamon rolls or homemade? I was thinking that bacon apple rolls would be pretty good, too…

    • I used canned cinnamon rolls. I’ve never been able to make my own, though I’m all about trying. Bacon Apple rolls sound amazing. Give it a try and let us know how it turns out!

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