Home sweet Hoover’s

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The black board and bar at Hoover's Cooking. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


By Joshua Avelar

People are eating out more, and it is not just an American trend. The lack of time, energy and overall will to cook at home is getting the best of most of us. But sometimes, we have an innate desire to want something familiar to the home kitchen environment. Homestyle Cooking fills this void, and I cannot imagine any place in Austin doing it better than Hoover’s Cooking on Manor just a few blocks east of Interstate 35.

Hoover’s menu is diverse yet meets expectations of a homestyle cooking restaurant. They offer unique variations of classic dishes while still remaining very familiar. The atmosphere is very comfortable and home-like. There is a bar, but the tables are usually pretty big, catering the needs of families or large groups of people eating together.


Inside Hoover's Cooking. Photo by Joshua Avelar


I suggest that anyone planning to eat at Hoover’s come with a very, very empty stomach. The sides are in large portions but still do not compromise whatsoever on taste. I ordered the Southern Fried Pork Chops. It was around a $12 meal but came with two of Hoover’s large side orders, known as House Mates. I opted for mustard greens and macaroni and cheese. All this food at once made for generous helping of left-overs, especially when mixed with Hoover’s complementary corn bread.


Southern fried pork chops at Hoover's with mustard greens and macaroni and cheese. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


Hoover’s black board specials are hard to pass-up. The deals are usually too hard to believe, but they seldom disappoint. A friend of mine ordered the chicken and sausage gumbo, which came which came with one of Hoover’s House Mates – she chose the special corn.


Chicken and sausage gumbo with special corn from Hoover's black board specials. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


I have eaten at Hoover’s a few times before, so I am familiar with the specialties. The smoked pork ribs are delicious, and I would highly suggest them. They were hard to pass-up come ordering times, especially since you can smell them while driving into the parking lot. Another great suggestion is the fried catfish, a dish that also comes with two House Mates. A friend of mine got hers with candied yams and cole slaw.


Fried catfish with candied yams and cole slaw from Hoover's. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


No matter what time of day you stop by, Hoover’s will surely have a special that will catch your eye and interest your appetite. They are open Thanksgiving Day, so if you’re really strapped for time when it comes to making a home-cooked meal, Hoover’s is definitely the right place for you.


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