Repeat after me: food carts are not diet spoilers

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By Rebecca Adams

The Bella hot wrap at Conscious Cravings. Photo by Rebecca Adams

After my thoroughly enjoyable yet highly caloric afternoon at the Gypsy Picnic, I felt the need for a detox.  There truly is no better way to spend a Saturday than scarfing down Moroccan chicken followed by cake balls followed by a barbecue sandwich followed by a fried avocado cone but a girl’s got to know when enough is enough.  I decided to spend my week eating as many organic, local products as possible to start my health kick.  After looking into my options (and believe me, Austin has plenty), I came across Conscious Cravings, a vegetarian food cart in West Campus that I happened to miss at Gypsy Picnic in my quest for only the sinfully delicious.

Conscious Cravings in the Longhorn Food Court. Photo by Rebecca Adams

The concept of the place is simple.  Local, organic vegetarian wraps and smoothies at an affordable price.  The wraps are served hot and all of the sauces, like their chipotle mayo and ginger barbecue sauce, are homemade.  I went with a friend so we each ordered a wrap and split them.  The first one we tried was the Chimichurri Seitan on a whole-wheat wrap.  It was filled with grilled wheat protein, a green chimichurri sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and Daiya cheese.  I opted for the vegan cheese just to see if I could even notice a difference and I definitely didn’t.  I’ve never been a huge fan of tofu or wheat protein-type things but it didn’t have that chalky flavor that I normally associate with those kind of dishes.  The homemade chimichurri sauce was fresh tasting and really livened up the wrap.

Chimichurri Seitan wrap at Conscious Cravings. Photo by Rebecca Adams

The next wrap we tried was The Bella on a white wrap.  The grilled portabella mushrooms and onions were carmelized to perfection and the sweetness was offset nicely by the herbed vegan mayo and Daiya cheese (regular this time).  Both of the wraps were portioned generously and a steal at $5 each.  The owner even came out of the truck to make sure we were enjoying our lunch.  So for any of you looking for a pre-Thanksgiving (or a  post-Gypsy picnic) detox, make sure you stop by Conscious Cravings because it is equally as gratifying as the guilt inducing stuff.

Conscious Cravings
Longhorn Food Court
1901 Rio Grande
Austin, TX 78705


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