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Pastrami Reuben at New World Deli with a side of fries. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


By Joshua Avelar

Thursday, November 3 was National Sandwich Day, a holiday that definitely deserves a proper celebration at one of Austin’s most storied eateries, the New World Deli. I had heard so much about New World but I had yet to pay the place a much-deserved visit. I figured a day dedicated to the wonderful creation of the sandwich was the perfect opportunity to give New world a try.

Located in the thick of the historic Hyde Park Neighborhood on 41st and Guadalupe streets, New World has a great ambiance that puts you at ease after a long, stressful day at school and/or work. It has a great home-like décor with a sit-down, full-service restaurant side complete with a convenient deli counter for those on-the-go.



New World Deli counter. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


The sandwiches here come in generous sizes. If you’re dining in, they come with a side, your choice of pasta salad, potato salad, cole slaw or delicious fries. Being a sucker for fries, I couldn’t resist ordering a helping of New World’s fried potatoes and they did not disappoint whatsoever. The fries were crispy all the way through and came in a very generous serving, a whole bowl’s worth even! New World is famous for their Reubens, but since I had just eaten a Reuben sandwich earlier in the week I opted for the meatball sub. The bread was good, the meatballs were large and juicy, the sauce was bold and flavorful, the cheese was generous but not overwhelming and the roasted red peppers made it all come together as one great choice among New World’s selection of hot sandwiches.



Meatball sub at New World Deli. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


One of the other options for a hot sandwich at New World was a Philly Cheesesteak, complete with essential roasted peppers and abundance of grilled, sliced beef. A friend of mine ordered the Philly with a side of pasta salad. You could see New World did not skimp on the provolone cheese.



Philly Cheesesteak with a side of pasta salad at New World Deli. Photo by Joshua Avelar.


To add the great food, New World has a small stage in the corner of the restaurant. Being in one of the most famous neighborhoods in the Live Music Capital of the world, New World provides a great place to visit in Austin. I definitely developed a strong liking for New World during this visit and I plan on coming back many, many times in the future. National Sandwich Day was well-spent.



Music stage at New World Deli. Photo by Joshua Avelar.



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