Gypsy Picnic: A Brisket Slider to Die For

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The Famous Multitasker from 86 This

The first annual Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival was a success, to say the least.  Great weather, live music, tons of dogs and a big turnout were a big help but, as expected, the food stole the show.  I was so overwhelmed by the massive lines that I jumped in the first one that had a foreseeable end, The Flying Carpet.  The food was well-seasoned and the meat wasn’t too dry, but I definitely was underwhelmed.  I knew that I wanted some good Texas bbq so after that mediocre snack, I decided to tough out the long line for 86 This.  And I’m glad I did because, after a 30 minute wait, I ate devoured one of the most amazing bbq sandwiches I have ever been served, The Famous Multitasker.

The lines were long, but the food was worth it (mostly).

I don’t like to throw this phrase around, but the sandwich was literally melt in your mouth delicious.  The slow roasted brisket was incredibly juicy and flavorful with just a bit of spice to add some punch.  The meat was topped with cheesy mashed potatoes and held together with a fluffy toasted sweet bun.  I also tried the smoked turkey grilled cheese on Texas toast but, after the brisket, it was nothing special.  Unfortunately, the 86 This trailer is located in Pflugerville so I’m not sure how often I’ll actually make the trip out there but I highly recommend that you all make it to the festival today and brave the lines to try one before they leave Austin.

The turkey grilled cheese from 86 This.

86 This
108 East Main Street
Pflugerville, Texas 78660

  1. OMG- I was dying to go to this picnic and I was too sad when I learned about it and I knew I was not gonna be able to make it… I loved the blog, thank you for it… I really hope I can be there next time.. I do not care how long the lines are! Even when I was expecting palm readers and it seems like there was any, the food seemed to have make it worth it.

    • I agree with you Mariel–I don’t care how long the lines are as long as the food is worth it. And from the photos, it sure seems the food was great! I think this blog should have a food gallery. I couldn’t go to the picnic because of papers and now I’m craving for more food photos!

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