Sandwich Search: One of Austin’s best kept sandwich secrets

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The Chicken & Eggplant Sandwich at Food Heads

We here at Austin Eat Cetera are constantly on the lookout for the perfect sandwich.  While there’s definitely no shortage in amazing local sandwich joints, my favorite has to be Food Heads.  It’s easy to miss because it’s located in a house, tucked away from the drag just north of the UT campus on 34th street.  I’m a sucker for quirky outdoor furniture and crafty decor so the kitsch feel of the place made me feel right at home and ready for a good meal.

Don't be fooled by the overgrown exterior...

I ordered the Grilled Chicken & Eggplant sandwich with a side of coleslaw.  The multigrain bread was absolute perfection.  It had a crispy, not stale, crust and the bread itself was light and fluffy (which is hard to get when the bread has actual grains in it like this had).  The sandwich also had a layer of spinach, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette (which I would have liked just a bit more of for some extra acidity) as well as a carefully portioned helping of goat cheese that didn’t overpower the flavor combination.

You choose your sandwich from the white boards that line the register

The best part of the sandwich was the namesake of the dish, chicken and eggplant.  The chicken was juicy and well-seasoned.  It had a slight pepper flavor that added a punch but did not detract from the other elements.  The eggplant was baked so that it was soft and flavorful, pairing nicely with the chicken.  Overall, it was a very well-thought out sandwich with every ingredient serving a purpose.  No meaningless bells and whistles.

Grilled Portabellas & Bleu Cheese sandwich

To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the coleslaw.  It was dry and over-seasoned with pepper.  There are other sides to choose from though and a nice selection of Zapp’s potato chips.  My friend ordered the Grilled Portabellas & Bleu Cheese sandwich.  I took a bite of it and it was also a good option for any of you vegetarians.  I’m excited to sample other Food Heads creations.  The Garlic & Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb is definitely my choice the next time I stop in for lunch.  Overall, I loved the place and would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to celebrate National Sandwich Day in Austin today.

Food Heads
616 W. 34th Street
Austin, Texas 78705
(512) 420-8400

  1. I never knew we had such place near the campus! I checked out the website, and the price seems a bit expensive but your photo explains why. It’s a shame they had such disappointing coleslaw, but I need to check those sandwiches out, surely.

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