Party Creations – Skittle Vodka

In Drinks, Mason Scheer on October 31, 2010 at 6:51 pm

People take notice at things that are strangely unique. Doubly so for homemade strangely unique. We taught you a bit earlier about awesome party favors, now super impress your friends with another unique and interesting creation.

Skittles Vodka.

There is a bit of a pattern here, I will admit. Vodka is easiest to blend, while not being lethal. Feel free to adapt this recipe with your flavor of choice. I prefer vodka, but that’s just me.

This is another waiting game style recipe. Start with two bags of Skittles. Not the small fun-size bags, but not the huge giant bags either. King size is a good size. Next, bring out your crazy rockstar-style demands, and divide the Skittles into groups based on color. I went with the original bags, and the five basic colors of red, yellow, orange, green, and purple.

Once divided, place the Skittles into different glass bottles. Topo Chico mineral water bottles worked perfectly for our purposes. Pour each color Skittle into the bottle, roughly 15 to 20. After the Skittles find their new home, fill the bottles with your liquor of choice. I used vodka, but feel free to use whatever you’d like. I will warn you, it’s sugary, so vodka is best.

Let your new creation sit for a few days. You’ll notice the Skittles will start dissolving, and start floating in your bottles. This is perfectly fine. Feel free to shake up the bottles every so often, just to get a good mix. You’re not done creating.

A few days before you’re ready to present, filter out all the sugar from the bottles. Nobody wants floating bits in their drink, right? The best way to filter I found was to use a coffee filter and coffee maker. Pour the vodka directly into the coffee filter, place in the maker, and let the vodka drip into the coffee pot. It’s a bit tideous, I will admit, but it gets the job done. From there, pour the vodka back into their bottles, and let freeze until your party is ready to start.

And there you go. Strongly flavored vodka. Perfect for shots or mixed drinks. Be careful, you are mixing alcohol and sugar.

Now you’re ready to have the party of the year, every year.

  1. Haha this sounds fun…I saw the post because the mineral water, Topo Chico, is carried at my new favorite restaurant/trailer on Rainey street called El Naranjo…it’s traditional Oaxacan food and so delicious, ya’ll should check it out!

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