Party Creations – Gummy Vodka

In Mason Scheer, Snacks on October 31, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Party favors can very easily make or break any social gathering. People come into your home, and before they see what kinds of drinks you are providing, they see the favors you have out. For my money, nothing quite tops the joy of gummy snacks.

For our Halloween party this year, vodka gummy worms were a big hit. Homemade and delicious, people were eating these bad boys by the cup full, which was not the original intention, but hey – it’s a party.

The trick to any alcohol flavored gummy is the preparation. Namely, you need to give yourself about a week beforehand.

Start out with a large container, and fill it with your gummy of choice. Gummy bears, gummy worms, whatever you desire. I recommend a lot – these suckers will go fast. Once you have the proper amount, fill the container with your liquor of choice. Nothing fancy, just sensible. Make sure you fill the container about an inch over the gummy worms or bears. Then, it becomes a waiting game.

We started this process on a Thursday night. By Sunday morning, the gummy soaked up every single drop of the vodka.

It is still a waiting game though. If you try one right away, the taste of alcohol will be overwhelming. Give it a few more days, and the taste of the gummy will return. Let it sit in the refrigerator until two hours before your event is ready to begin. Then, bring your creation out for the world to see.

Be the hit of your next party. Everybody will notice!


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