The First and Last Place to Get Your Halloween Sugar Fix

In Dessert, Jasmin Sun on October 31, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress

Ah Halloween.  A season of rampant horror movies, orange-and-black decor, and the one night of the year where scraps of cloth qualify as adequate clothing. Questionable costume choices aside, it’s also a time when consuming large amounts of sugar is accepted and even encouraged.  So to commemorate this lovely holiday, I’ve decided to provide a peek into one of Austin’s holiest meccas of the sweet stuff: Big Top Candy Shop.

Located on South Congress between Milton and Annie streets, Big Top is nothing if not dripping in novelty.  The store itself might as well have been transported from the 1940’s, complete with ever-so-curlicued writing in the windows and vintage band instruments hanging from the interior brick walls.  When you enter, the cloying scent of sugar fills your nose; the scent is amplified when you realize that you are quite literally surrounded by candy.  Vases of chewy taffies and swirled lollipops sit along the middle aisle while various exotic, hard-to-find sweets are packed cheek by jowl along the walls.  The selection ranges from traditional chocolate to the slightly bizarre (think candy blood), but like the store itself, the candy selection exemplifies novelty.

Candy Vases at Big Top



Candy Blood in an IV (left) and Scorpion Lollipop (right)

Big Top also serves up plenty of non-prepackaged sugar as well. They offer a variety of ice creams by the cone, but you can also try one of their egg creams or even a banana split. I’ve personally never tried an egg cream before, but the description sure sounds enticing–it’s a drink made of chocolate syrup, soda water and milk–and almost like a float-type drink, which gets no complaints from me.

All in all, this retro storefront should certainly be a stop for anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth. And if anyone tries that egg cream, be sure to comment and let me know how it is!

Big Top Candy Shop
1706 S Congress Ave
(512) 462-2220
Supposedly “open ’til they close,” but typically: Mon-Fri 11-7, Sat 10-8, and Sun 11-7

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