On the Road in (or around) Austin: Part II

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Each time I visit my parents and sister in Houston, the best part of the journey home, by far, is my stop at Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company to pick up gifts for my family.  It’s a quintessential Texas family-owned establishment with pecan treats, homemade fudge, brittle and fresh produce lining the shelves.  Every time I’m on the 71 and I think I’m trying to be healthy, all it takes is one look at the huge sign that flashes “CHOCOLATE COVERED PECANS” and there goes my diet.

It doesn’t hurt that the women that work there are equally as inviting, offering up samples of anything I even happen to glance at.  This time alone I sampled the rocky road fudge (heavenly), milk chocolate brittle (words cannot describe how good this is…), sugar-free white chocolate pecans (ok but next time I’m getting the real thing) and pecan pralines (I’m not a huge fan in general but this was pretty good and not too sweet).  Basically, I have a love/hate relationship with this place.

Also, if they’re closed when you happen to pass by it’s no problem since they have a 24-hour vending machine with anything from chocolate covered pecans to an entire pecan pie.  Yes, I am talking about an entire round pie that you can purchase in a vending machine.  It’s just beautiful.


24-Hour Pecan Vending Machine


Just because it’s my ritual to stop by on my way to Houston, you should all definitely pay a visit if you like sweets since it’s not too far out from Austin.  If the 30 minute drive is too much, you can order on-line.  There’s also a bunch of other pecan/fudge places on the way to Houston that I have been meaning to try so hopefully next time I’m heading back to Houston I can be patient and try the places that are past Berdoll.  Anyone have a good place to recommend?

Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Co
2626 State Highway 71 W
Cedar Creek, TX 78612-3461
(512) 303-6157

  1. I love this store! Plus, they sell those shirts with the logo of Dairy Queen which instead say “Drama Queen”.

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