Ice Cream – Too Much of a Good Thing?

In Dessert, Mason Scheer on October 24, 2010 at 11:32 pm

My last post talked about Amy’s Ice Cream: An Austin staple. The pureness and deliciousness of the ice cream brings up a very important question though.

Does ice cream use the crutch of extra mixings?

Think about it: Two additional questions are always asked when ice cream is ordered – What size? And what extra mix ins would you like? Anything you can think of gets mashed into ice cream. Toppings, creams, candy, marshmallows, anything. The ice cream itself is considered plain. Add in a candy bar, or sprinkles, and a dessert is born.

No other food does this. A piece of chicken can be stuffed, but it can stand alone as well. Ice cream, though, is losing its ability to stand alone. This might not be a pressing issue, but does ice cream rely too much on this crutch?

Flavors can get crazy. Should the extra factor of random candies be necessary?

Cakes can stand alone. The flavors change, but the extra crazy toppings and frosting doesn’t break the cake. Pie works the exact same way. So why is ice cream so different?

Maybe I’m alone on this. Maybe this isn’t too big a problem. In the long run, it really isn’t. But I feel it should be talked about. Agree?


  1. I disagree! I rarely eat ice cream… So when I do, it’s gotta be worth it. Case in point: Dairy Queen. Ignoring the fact that they have 50 bajillion possible Blizzard options, their ice cream is stand-alone amazing. Great ice cream doesn’t need the fixins’. Take that, Amy’s.

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