Bringing the street indoors.

In Joshua Avelar, Lunch, Restaurant Review on October 24, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Shrimp Yakatori. Photo by Joshua Avelar.

By Joshua Avelar

I am not a fan of eating while standing up. I feel like my entire balance with my food is compromised, and that usually leads to some sort of stain on my shirt. Nevertheless, uncomfortable eating stances do not stop me from enjoying the plenty of great food carts around Austin.

However, there is a great solution to my dilemma between wanting great cart food and wanting to sit down while eating that does not involve a street curb. On the corner of Red River and 32nd streets is Streat, a small order-up restaurant specializing in cart food favorites. Streat brings together the best of the world’s street cart food right to the UT campus area. Streat’s specialty is its selection of Asian favorites like spring rolls and meat skewers.

Meat skewers. Photo by Joshua Avelar

Streat keeps its menu very diverse, keeping true to its “international street food” theme. There is an Indian curry rice bowl, Egyptian felafels and Japanese miso. I opted for a great serving of pork gorditas.

Pulled Pork gordita. Photo by Joshua Avelar

Streat is a great destination for a group of friends that honestly cannot decide what type of food to eat – there is something for everyone here. The drink selection is very nice, from espressos to fresh smoothies. Streat also has an interesting hot dog selection, specifically the Kogi Dog which comes with kimchi slaw, cilatro, mustard and sirracha sauce. Reaching out of its street cart theme, Streat offers a great selection of fresh pastries in a deli-like display.


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