Rediscovering the meaning of “fried” food

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Fried Frito Pie at the State Fair of Texas

Fried Frito Pie

If you haven’t taken the chance to steal away to Dallas to watch the Red River Rivalry game between the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners, and you don’t live in the city, you probably haven’t had the luxury of sampling foods from the veritable fried delicacy utopia that is the Texas State Fair. Okay, so this post may not be about a food or place found in Austin, but certainly the fact that the fair is meant to be state-wide makes it slightly more relevant to the state’s capital. Right? Either way, this is the last week–the fair stops until next year on Oct. 17–to enjoy your weight in wacky golden-brown goodness. Fried beer, anyone?

I had my very first state fair experience last weekend at the Texas-OU game. It probably wasn’t the healthiest weekend of my life, but it was certainly quite tasty, artery-clogging thoughts aside. Although I entered the fair determined on finding myself some fried beer to try, I ended up settling for a collection of other fried goodies to try after I was unable to find the booth even after a good 30 minutes of searching. However, Vagabondish did a great article on the development of the fried beer here.

The first of my many greasy consolation prizes was the fried frito pie (pictured above).   I thought I was going to receive a whole pie, so I was definitely a bit surprised when I was given small fried balls of the stuff.

Albeit each bite was a bit greasy to me, I suppose you can only be so successful with fried food at a state fair. The overall taste was definitely very frito pie-esque, so my stomach was pleased. An order even comes with picante sauce and sour cream if you wish to add extra calories to your frito ball.

Next up was a fried Snickers bar:

Fried Snickers

Fried Snickers

Well, this was certainly the best fried ball of candy I’ve ever had. The chocolate and nougat were melted just so, and the kick of peanuts that you get after a couple of chews really works to meld all the flavors together. Oh, and it’s fried, so it’s just that much better to begin with.

Last, but not least, the fried chocolate truffle:

Chocolate Truffle

Fried Chocolate Truffle

Yes, this was greasy, but since I’m a sucker for melted chocolate, biting into this was heavenly at points. I can’t say much more about this other than that it was a fried ball of melty chocolate. Melty Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Glorious.

Now you must understand that I didn’t eat any of these things on my own, because doing so would’ve been very bowel-irritating and no fun for me or the people I came to watch the game with. The buddy system is key at the state fair. Not just because you might get lost, but because your body probably won’t be so thrilled with the sudden injection of fats and oils. So, my advice for those who find their mouths watering at the prospect of a fried cheesecake or a fried coconut-wrapped Reeses cup should bring (drag) a fried to Dallas with then before this coming Sunday. What are you waiting for?


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