Man Bites Dog – The New Prince?

In Lunch on October 10, 2010 at 4:15 pm

In the land of trailer food, the taco is king. At the Trailer Park Eatery on First Street, the line for Torchy’s Tacos usually extends to the street. My intention for lunch was to take a few friends for tacos. But once we saw how long the line was, we decided to give the next trailer over a chance.

Man Bites Dog serves, you guessed it, hot dogs. But it isn’t your standard plain dog with ketchup and mustard. These are gourmet hot dogs, served with nontraditional toppings. One friend ordered the Chili Cheese Dog – hot dog served with mounds of chili and cheese, and sprinkled with onions. My other friend order the Rueben – hot dog covered with Russian dressing and sauerkraut . Despite my usual stubbornness to order something that someone else in my party has already ordered, I also went for the Rueben, because I couldn’t pass it up.

The Chili Cheese and Reuben

Each dog needs to fit your own taste. I personally am not a giant fan of sauerkraut; I like the flavor but not the large quantity. So while I had to pick off some of the toppings, my friend who ordered the same scooped it up. He loves the stuff, and can’t get enough. I got my flavor, he got his large quantity.

The best part about Man Bites Dog, is that it’s almost like a secret in plain sight. We had absolutely no line. We were able to order, have our food brought out, and consumed before some people in the line at Torchy’s were able to get to the front of their line. I’m not necessarily the busiest guy in the world, but no lines are fine by me.

If tacos are king in this town, I think I might have found the crown prince.


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