Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse serves up fantastic coffee and breakfast

In Breakfast on October 9, 2010 at 4:33 pm



The Oven Bake Breakfast at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse


After three years in Austin, I just couldn’t eat another weekend breakfast at Kerbey Lane or Magnolia Cafe.  The eggs are always sub par and the atmosphere is too impersonal for a cozy morning meal.  I decided to try Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse after a few friends recommended that I try the phenomenal coffee and I wasn’t at all disappointed.

I arrived a few minutes after they opened and the place already had a ten or so customers drinking their morning coffee out of the eclectic mug collection Bouldin Creek boasts (mine said “I am accident free” and my sister’s said “Somebody in Texas loves you”).  The vibe is cozy and unpretentious with outdoor seating.  The service is friendly, helpful and quick.  The music playing was The Zombies.  Already the start of a nice morning.

I ordered the Oven Cake Breakfast which, at $5.00, is an absolute steal.  The eggs were light and fluffy and the bottomless hot coffee didn’t have that acidic after taste and needed only a splash of soy milk.  I’m still amazed I didn’t feel the need to add sugar…

But the best part of the meal was the homemade blueberry cornbread that came with the eggs.  It was fresh out off the grill and smelled heavenly.  They served it with a side of agave nectar, in lieu of the standard heavy maple syrup that would have masked the subtle sweet/salty flavor.  I didn’t know until after I devoured the whole piece that it was vegan and made with organic cornmeal.

Even better, the eggs are free range and almost everything you order is organic, vegan, or any one of those health buzz words.  The menu is also very vegetarian-friendly, with tofu scramble options and fresh warm oatmeal.  I highly recommend that you all add this to your breakfast rotation when you’re in the mood for homemade baked treats and eggs to get your day started.  This will definitely be my new breakfast stop for those weekend mornings when I need a pick-me-up after a loooong Austin night.

Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse
1501 S. First St.
Austin, TX 78704

  1. The first I want to know about a breakfast place is something regarding their coffee… And I am definitively up to try this place out, once I get a fashionable outfit on ( Thanks Eat Cetera!!

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