Hyde Park Bar & Grill Unites Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters

In Dinner on October 9, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Dating a vegetarian is slightly difficult. It isn’t that I’m not supportive of her, I absolutely am. The problem comes from the simple fact that I love to eat meat. Love it. But unfortunately for me, there aren’t a lot of places that meet right in the middle for us. You can get a salad anywhere, but not so much a full meal that’s vegetarian friendly. And with vegetarian restaurants, I feel sometimes it’ll cost me an arm and a leg just to feel slightly full.

However, I believe I have found the perfect place that creates a balance between vegetarian and carnivore: Hyde Park Bar & Grill

We started things off with an appetizer. Six tamales, made with corn and cheese, and just the right blend of spices. Right off the bat, it’s a vegetarian friendly option that everyone can get behind. This could very easily be a meal for somebody, while also working well as something two or more people can share. Add a bit of salsa, for that extra little kick.

Then came the entrees, and the line was clearly shown between vegetarian and carnivore. My date ordered the vegetable stir-fry, served with a side of rice and soy sauce on the side. Her meal looked incredible, and tasted just the same from the few bites I was able to sneak in. A healthy choice, and a healthy balance of sugar snap peas, carrots, broccoli, among others.

Then came my meal, known as “The Ironhorse”

"The Ironhorse" at Hyde Park Bar & Grill

On top of a piece of toast, a cooked to order sirloin steak. I like me steak cooked medium rare: a bit of pink, enough to really enjoy the juicy flavor. My steak was then covered with French fries and cheese, then garnished with tomatoes and chives. My steak was drowned in cheese fries; I couldn’t see the meat in the beginning. Off on the side was a wonderful sauce that tasted a bit like a house blend horseradish. After not knowing how to start, I dug in, and loved every bite.

I highly recommend this restaurant, certainly if you’re in a relationship “divided”. It definitely has something for everyone, especially for the price.

  1. Your photo just got me dripping in the middle of a night! I hope I could see the picture of the vegetable stir-fry as well, though.

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